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At Stone Empire Pictures we have built a team that is fully focused on helping projects come to life. We have a passionate team that are personally here for our clients needs.


When you work with us we can assure you that not only will you be embarking on an exciting project with us but you will also be working alongside a collaborative team dedicated to every aspect of your project.


Stone Empire Pictures was founded in 2008 and in that time we been working tirelessly on projects that have helped make a difference to communities. Our aim is to create content that tells positive stories through exploring sensitive subjects.


Our journey has led us to working with the British Home Office, Councils, students & communities. To date, Stone Empire Pictures have collaborated on and produced feature films, animations, short films, commercials, music videos & documentaries.


We are a skilled team able to take your project from an idea to reality. Our team members have worked on projects which include, Slumdog Millionaire, Harry Potter and Cloud Atlas to name a few. Our passion is filmmaking and our goal is bringing fresh imaginative ideas to life.



Stone Empire Pictures

Film production company

London, South East England & Crawley, West Sussex