The Forbidden Note

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Cosmo (Reese Scholtz), a South African pianist falls in love with Sakeena (Reena Anjali), a British Muslim ballerina, who is being forced into an arranged marriage by her abusive radicalised Uncle Jehandar (Umit Ulgen).


Through their struggle, Cosmo tries to show that the power of love, is far more important than the love for power. Cosmo seems like the perfect choice for Sakeena, but he is running away from a dark past which catches up with him as he tries to prove his love for Sakeena.


Only ever wanting true happiness, the pair begin to fight for their freedom to love each other, but this leads to her family discovering the truth about their relationship.


Feeling betrayed, her Uncle Jehandar arranges an honour killing and promises her family that she will never step a foot out line once he's finished with her.



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