Casting management

We have just opened our books and we're now looking for talent to represent as a management company. The reason why we're now offering this service is because over the past several years we have built working relationships with casting directors / directors / producers & production companies who have asked us to suggest a suitable cast member for their productions.


It has always been a dream for our CEO Callum Andrew Johnston to begin representation for cast because he originally came from an acting background, and knows how tough it can be finding a solid team representing you and your image.


Stone Empire Pictures offers our full services if you're represented by us, you'll have access to a manager 24/7 and able to look after all the important things meaning you can focus on fine tuning your craft.


We are experienced in managing talents image, accounts, taxes, whilst offering them an inclusive service straight into the industry. The most important thing for us, is your hard work and determination to be the very best you can be, staying focused on making your dreams come true and leaving your business down to us.


This is a personal management company, giving you access to a wide range of opportunities that we produce in house, and finding you opportunities that come our way. We don't specialise in hunting down jobs for you, unless you give us access to any online platforms you wanted us to manage. Any jobs you find yourself we are happy to negotiate and represent you making sure you are looked after and paid for your time.


What we specialise in...


  • Negotiating payment


  • Tax, financial & image advising


  • Legal representation


  • We have working relationships with casting directors, directors & fellow producers


If you're interested in being represented by Stone Empire Pictures please get in touch by sending us your CV, along with some show reel material or anything you feel makes you a great addition to our team.


We look forward to representing you, and taking your career to a new level.



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